Single Axle Bumper Pull

    We have lots of different bumper pull utilities available.  New trailers will be arriving daily, so if you don't see exactly what you are looking for give us a call, chances are it's here or can be on it's way very shortly!


The following are some pictures of Single Axle trailers and options:


5x8                            5x8 Tilt                              5x8 with Gate

5x10 No Sides                                                  5x10 with Gate  

5x10 with 2'sides and rear gate                          5x14 with Gate

76"x10                                                              82"x12' with Pipe Top

76"x10 with Gate                                               82"x12 with Gate

4' Gate Option

     Standard, all single axle basic utilities come with 2x2 angle top rail, 2x2 angle uprights, 2x3 angle main frame(3/16"), 2x3 angle tongue ( some cases 4" channel depending on the Mfg.), 3500 lb dexter axle, new 6 ply trailer tires, trailer rated rims,  vin number and vin plate with MSO.  2" atwood hitch, 2k lb jack (Top Wind), load tested safety chains, standard yellow pine floor, 4 pin pig tail plug with running / turn signals on rear.  If it is a Road Boss it will have 100% primer and painted with a treated floor. Call us if your looking for single axles. We have over 100 in stock.


Here is a list of sizes that are available, Call for Pricing


4x6,   5x8,   5x10,   5x12,   5x14,  76"x10,   76"x12,   76"x14,   82"x10,   82"x12,   82"x14

    We also do an ATV trailer in a single axle ( tandems to).  Normally they are 82"x12 & 82"x14' with rear gates and side gates.  All of the above can be specially built for your specific needs.  What ever that might be, just give us a call and tell us what you need.


Heres a couple pictures of the single axle ATV's

    The last 5 pics above, are the Road Boss single axle ATV. 100% primer and painted, heavy duty gates, set back jack, #1 grade treated floor, 3500# dexter axle, new 205-75-15" trailer service 6 ply tires, new 15" silver mod wheels. Call with any further questions.



    Tandem axle ATV's are in stock too. We normally stock in lengths, 12', 14', 16' and 18'. But anything is available for special order. The following are some pictures of the Road Boss tandem axle ATV. Its built with lots more, nicer standard features. As the first picture shows, all of Road Boss's Trailers are 100% primed and painted, treated floors, 24" centers on crossmembers ( most guys are 30" to 36" ), 2" bulldog coupler, set back jack, heavier gates ( angle and the mesh ), tear drop fenders, new trailer tires and wheels, lights placed up high and protected with lots of screws in the floor. And the floor is a #1 grade. Shop and compare trailerss. You wont find any as nice!


    Still need more room for your ATV's or side by sides? Might considor the deckover style. These will give you enough width to park 2 large units beside each other or to be able to load from the side. These dont have fenders and can be built many different style and lengths. The first couple pictures show the most in-expensive style, followed up with the longer more stable version. Give us a call with any questions. And these are also built by Road Boss Trailer Mfg.



Tandem Axle Bumper Pulls (Standard Duty)

Available Options listed below



Standard 2" Atwood                   2" Bulldog Style Hitch  $50                   4' Gate Adds $150

*Other options Listed Below with Cost:*

Brakes on One Axle    $225.00

Spares                       $ 95.00

Spares Mounted        $15.00

Slide-In Ramps          $125.00




    Treated Floors are Standard.  Tear drop fenders are a nice upgrade to tandem axles.  New Tires are always standard with us, unless any specials are running.  4" C-Channel rap tongues are standard on all of our tandems.


     16' bumper pull utilities.  4" rap C-channel tongue, treated floor, tear drop fenders, new 205-75R15 - 6ply tires, new 15" mod rims, 83" wide, angle box frame and top rail, no sales tax out the door priceing! Watch for the Road Boss line to be added.


     16' bumper pull utility, built with the standard options like the one just above these pics.  Except add a 4' gate  $ 150.00 and add 2' mesh sides. This can be done in many lengths or configurations.

     How about a 16' with a pipe top rail instead of angle and 1' tall mesh. Real popular. Keeps your load on the trailer while giving a little more support. Last picture you can see the slide-in ramps and carrier that add $125.00


    The next 3 pictures are of a 12' tandem axle (3500# dexters) pipe top, treated floor, 2" bulldog, tear drop fenders, 100% primer and paint, new tires and wheels. Built by Road Boss.


    Here's another nice one! 83' Wide x 12' long tandem axle utility. 2' tall mesh sides with a pipe top rail, 4' tall x width mesh gate ( heavy duty), spring assisted gate, tear drop fenders, treated floor, set back jack, and new tires of course. Its a Road Boss, so 100% Primer and Painted and built here local! Can be built in many different lengths and options. Just give us a call.



Landscape Trailers

     Today we have 3 different Mfgs for Landscapes. We keep single and tandem axles in stock. By far Road Boss will be the nicest finished product that is built. Standard wise here is a list of the features:

    Single axles - full wrap tongue, weedeater racks, tool box, 4' rear gate, mesh sides (any where from 1' upto 4' tall), 2k lb top wind jack, 3500# axles, new 15" tires. ( last 2 pics are a special order with a top)


    The tandem axles are mostly all Road Boss Trailer Mfg now. We still have a few of the other models. Stop by and see us or call with any questions. Options that Road Boss does Standard are:

    Tear drop fenders, 7k lb drop leg jack, treated floor, 100% primer and painted, cross members closier together, lot more time preping the steel before paint and a warranty! Make sure you notice the Bulldog Coupler, 7k drop leg jack, thicker flat mesh, nicer paint. These are all options most mfg do not do standard!



Light, Medium & Heavy Duty Bumper Pulls and Car Haulers


Steel Floor Car Haulers with 3500 Axles

     16',18' & 20' car haulers, steel floor, dove tail, wrap tongue, bull dog hitch, 2k lb jack, 83" wde, 2 - 3500 lb axles, brake on back axle, tear drop fenders, C-channel neck and frame, 6 ply new 205-75-15 tires, 15" rims, good quality construction. Currently 2 different Mfg's in stock.



     16', 18' & 20' Road Boss Wood Floor Car haulers, 2' Dove Tails, Bulldog Hitch, 2k lb Jack, 82" to 83" Wide inside Fenders, Tandem 3500 # Dexter Axles with brake on back axle, Tear Drop Smooth Fenders, 5" Channel Full Wrap Tongue,5" Channel Box , Channel Crossmembers, 6 ply New 205-75-15 Tires, 15" Rims, 100% Primer and Painted before wood goes on, #1 Treated Floor, All cut in / Rubber mounted / Sealed beam lights, Front bump rail, Warranty and MSO ( title ), Bill of Sale with Vin sticker


This picture is from a special order steel floor dove tail with a heavier duty gate. Cant really tell from the pic, but it included a Ramsey 8500lb winch with d-rings reset into the floor.


Steel & Wood Floor Car Haulers/ Utilities with 5200 # Axles

    All of our 5200 lb axle car haulers or utilities come with the following options standard.  Dexter Axles, Brake on Back Axle, 10 ply 16" Tires, 6 Lug 16" Wheels, 6" C-Channel Full wrap Tongue, 6" Channel Box frame, 7k Drop Leg Jack, 2 5/16" Bulldog Hitch, Diamond Plated Tear Drop Fenders, load Tested Safety Chains, Front Marker Lights with Rear Turn/Markers ( all cut in, seal beamed rubber mounted), Slide-Out or Stand Up Ramps (stand up ramps add $100.00).  No Rails or Rails ( Rail is a pipe topstandard and it adds $125.00).  The pics above and below are of some that are normally in stock.




    Road Boss Trailer Mfg Shown here in the following pictures below builds a very high quality finished product.  From their 100% Primer and Paint to All cut in Lights, One of the best trailers on the market today.  Heres some of the standard options:

    Treated Floors, Cut in lights, Stake Pockets, Slide-in or Stand up Ramps ( stand ups add $100.), Diamond Plate Tear Drop Fenders, 2 5/16" Bulldog Coupler, Slipper Spring Suspension, 10 ply 235-80 r 16 Radial Tires, Double Brakes, 3" channel Crossmembers on 18" Centers, 6" Channel Frame and 6" Full Rap Tongue (8" Frames Available Call for price), 10k lb drop leg jack, Brake Away System and 1 year MFG Warranty.  Steel floors are additional prices. Please call