Enclosed Trailers


    Over 100 Enclosed Trailers in stock.  We are One of the Largest Trailer Dealers in the Central U.S.!  Come see our Great Selection of Enclosed.  We Deal in cargo trailers built by "Cargo Craft" .  The following are a few types of trailers available, some are on the yard at this time, if you don't see the one you want call us, we can get it for you.   All of our cargo trailers are fully aluminum skinned and steel framed.  New tires, comes with titles, warranty and a bill of sale.  Some trailers listed have been sold, please call\for availability.  Lots of trailers in stock that are not shown! 

Handee Haulers are here!

    Wanting a good built trailer, but needing to save some money. Heres the answer. The "Handee Hauler". From the floor down built just like our standard trailers. What we do dofferentis place the wall studs out to 24" centers, put a flat front and slightly smaller rear door. Can still get a ramp door or a single swing. Just not as large of an opening. Heres a couple of examples.

    The trailer above is a 4' wide x 6' long x 4'6" tall.  2k lb axle, 13" tires and wheels, 2" atwood hitch, alum skin, steel frame, white, red or black standard colors.  white always in stock 


The above 7 pictures are a 5' wide x 8' Long.  Single Axle with 13" tires. We can also get them with 15" Tires for a small upgrade charge.

These 2 are a 5x8 special order Handee Hauler in Royal Blue. Lots of colors available.



6x10 Enclosed Alum Handee Haulers.  30" Side Door, Rear Ramp Door, 5'6" Tall (also 6' in stock for additional price), 3500 lb Axle. New 15" Tires, 7/16" Wall Liner, Black, Red or White Standard Colors.  This unit has a ramp door that is spring assisted

Single Rear Swing Door 6'x10'

Single Rear Swing Door 6x12

6x10 w/ Ramp

6x12 w/ Ramp
Additional heights, colors and options available upon special orders.

Only A few Available! Don't Wait, hurry in Now!



The "VECTOR" Series


Above pictures are an 8.6 x 23'.


     The V-Nose trailer is built for aerodynamics. What we do is take a standard length box and add 3' to make the V. This makes the length of the trailers come out to be in odd numbers. For example 6 x 13. That's 6' wide by 13' long. That's a 10' box with 3 more feet in open space on the inside. Same thing on an 8 1/2 x 19. 8 1/2 wide by 16 foot long with the 3' open space on the inside giving you the 19'. Please take a look at the pictures for different options colors and sizes. The vectors come standard with :

     Drop axles, tongue through frame design (Lowered),silver mod wheels, luan wall liner, 30' side door, three piece hitch, extruded alum top rail, polished galvanized fenders, stone guard, diamond plate stone guard, galvanized one piece roof with ribs for added strength and support, double rear doors ( ramps doors available), 6' tall ceiling height ( normally we stock 6'6" ), 3/4" floor, 16" centers on wall studs, 24" centers on ceiling studs, 24" centers on crossmemebrs of floor, 2k lb top wind jack, 2" atwood on single axles & 2 5/16" atwood hitches on tandem axles, 3500 lb axles standard with grease zerks built in, brakes on tandem txles w/ break away kit, 4 prong pig tail wiring on single axles, 7 prong RV style on tandem axles, 205-75 R15 - 6 ply new trailer tires, non power roof vent, 12 volt dome light, 1 switch at side door for 12 volt light.

Available Sizes:

6x13, 6x15, 7x13, 7x15, 7x17, 7x19, 8.6x15 , 8.6x17, 8.6x19, 8.6x21, 8.6x23, 8.6x25, 8.6x27

(Other sizes available. Please call for availability)

*See bottom of Page for additional Options and their prices** 



The "CV OR FLATTOP" Series

     This series is real popular for the ones who are building cabinets on the inside front because of the square design or wanting more room standard on the tongue for placement of tool boxes or generators.

This series standard options are as Follows:

Straight axles, translucent front and rear end daps, double rear doors ( ramps available), 3/4" floor, 16" centers on wall studs, 24" centers on floor and ceiling studs, 3/8" plywood wall cover, alum fenders, all one piece rounded corner posts, one piece galvanized roof with ribs for added strength, non power roof vent, 12 volt dome light, switch for light, 2k lb top wind jack 2k lb top wind jack, 2" atwood on single axles & 2 5/16" atwood hitch on tandem axles, 3500 lb axles standard with grease zerks built in, brakes on tandem axles w/ break away, 4 prong pig tail wiring on single axles, 7 prong RV style on tandem axles, 205-75 R15 - 6 ply new trailer tires 

**Further Options listed on Bottom of Page**



The "CONCESSION STYLE" Series And Options

This is more like lots of different options that can be applied to any style of trailers.  windows and door placements, elec packages and A/C units.  flooring and wall liners.  Just decide the size of trailer that best fits your needs either it be a single or tandem axle.  5, 6, 7, 8, or 8 1/2 wide and any length.  Just because its a special size doesn't mean its going to cost you a "Special " price.  Look through the different pics for ideas and let us custom build what you need.  Most of all the following options shown in the pictures can be added or subtracted from any trailer.  Just give us a call Toll Free @ (866)-888-4697 and we will be glad to spec one out to fit your particular needs.  



The "Chopper" Series


Standard Features: 

    Low Profile Chopper Design, 6" Drop Torsion Axles ( or spring ), 15" Silver Mod Rims, Three Piece Hitch, 36" Side Door, Extruded Alum Top Rail, 3/8" Wall Liner, Alum Fenders,   3/4" Floor, One Piece Galvanized Roof with Ribs for added strength, Non Power Roof Vent, 12 Volt Dome light, Switch for light, 2k lb Top Wind Jack, 2" Atwood on Single Axles & 2 5/16" Atwood Hitch on Tandem Axles, 3500 lb Axles Standard with Grease Zerks built in, Brakes on Tandem Axles w/ Break Away kit, 4 Prong Pig Tail wiring on Single Axles and a 7 Prong RV Style on Tandem Axles, 205-75 R15 - 6 ply New Trailer Tires, 16 "Centers on Wall Studs, 24" Centers on Floor and Ceiling Studs



The "HALF AND HALF" Series




    This style of trailer can be configured many different ways.  Box in the front with open in back, box in the middle or at the back.  Ramp doors can be placed on the rear or side.  Entry doors can be from the platform, side or front.  Many options are available.  Great all the way around purpose trailer.  Have your equipment out side but the high dollar tools out of site and out of the weather.  Another great option is to place a roof over the open half.  This works good for Smoke Pits or sitting areas.


Options are endless just give us a call! 






    This trailer, like the rest, can be built in many shapes to fit any ones needs.  The following pictures show the style we tend to keep in stock.  This style has sold the best for us this year.  Here are some of its options:

Drop Axles

Tongue through frame design (Lowered and heavier duty than normal) 

  Silver Mod Wheels

  Luan Wall Liner with White Vinyl Overlay

  36" Side Door with single 36" Rear Door - Both with RV Latches

Three Piece Hitch- Upgraded wall thickness

  FiberGlass Front End Cap

  End Caps Covered

  Completely Insulated Walls and Ceiling

Galvanized one piece roof with ribs for added strength and support 

  7' Tall Ceiling Height

  3/4" Floor

  16" Centers on Wall Studs

24" Centers on Ceiling Studs 

  24" Centers on floor Crossmemebrs

  2k lb Top Wind Jack

  2 5/16" Bulldog Hitch

3500 lb Dexter Axles Standard with Grease Zerks built in 

  Brakes on both Axles w/ Break Away kit

  7 Prong RV Style Plug

  205-75 R15 - 6 ply New Trailer Tires

Non Power Roof Vent 

  12 Volt Dome Light

  1 Switch at side door for 12 volt light

  Propane Heater Mounted on Front Wall

2 - 40 gal Propane Tanks mounted on Tongue with Regulator 

  4 Lockers

  1 work desk with drawer and shelves

  2 - Storage Boxes / Benches

2 - 18" x 24" Windows with Screens 

  2 - 4' Florescent Lights with source plug placed on front of Trailer

  RV Latches on both Doors



Bunks are also available as shown in the five images above this.  Not included standard.   




    This is our most popular seller.  We try to stock almost every shape & size of this one.  We sell more of this Style than all the others combined.  Our Manufacture builds a better trailer structurally and more options standard than any one we have seen and for a cheaper price.  Look through the following list of standard features and compare its options to other manufactures and see for yourself. 


Aerodynamic Front End Design, slightly rounded                                            

  Single Rear Door or Ramp Door on 5' Wide Models

  Double Rear Doors or Full width Spring Assisted Ramp Doors on 6', 7', 8' or 8 1/2' Wide Models   

  16" on Center Wall Studs

  24" on Center Ceiling and Floor Studs

  Galvanized Fenders

  Tubular Steel Frame - 3 piece - Drop frame on Expedition models

  Painted Floors

  1/8" Luan on Walls

  One Piece Galvanized Ceiling (Crimped) with ribs for added strength

  Alum Skin

  16" Stoneguard                                                                   

  Black, Red or White (All Standard colors) Lots other colors available

  New 205 - 75 r15 6 ply Trailer Tires


4 - Wheels Elect Brakes on Tandem Axles - 3500# standard double eye spring ( drop axles on Expedition models)

  2" Atwood on Single Axles

  2 5/16" Atwood on Tandems

  2,000 lb Top Wind Jack

  Grease Zerks on Axles               

  Springs with Equalizers

Cam locks on all Doors

  Rounded Top Corners, Full Length

  Rain Guards above every Door

  Those are just your standard features, lots more options, colors & Packages available.




4x6, 5x8, 5x10, 6x10, 6x12, 6x14, 6x16, 7x10, 7x12, 7x14, 7x16, 7x18, 7x20,

8 & 8 1/2" Wide Models  in the following lengths

10' Long, 12' , 14', 16' , 18', 20' , 22', 24', 26', 28' , 30' - Some styles available longer



The "GOOSENECK" Series


    The gooseneck trailers can be ordered in combination with most all options you have seen so far.  Lengths, widths, heights...just let us know what fits your needs and we will be glad to price it out for you.  Not all options shown are standard.







We also have toy box style trailers!   Why buy an RV built with a wood frame for more money than a cargo built with a steel frame. Call for pricing and availability.  We special order these types of trailers to fit your exact needs. 




    These, like many of the above trailers, can be done in lots of different ways and options. Really no limitations. From the basic, less expensive to the full blown with living quarters. Call for pricing or any questions you might have. Heres some pictures of what we have or have had.






Cabinets, winches, power jacks, generators and boxes, work lights on sides and on back, alum floor are all options that really make it nice. Heres a couple more nice options:





*Available Options*

There are many options listed and not listed.  Please if you have any questions or don't see exactly what you are looking for drop us a line toll free and we would glad to help (866)-888-4697.



This picture shows the Diamond plated Fold Over Flap available on all models with a ramp door for additional cost. 

   White Vynal Walls & Ceiling, Checker Board Floor and the16" Alum Runners.  These 3 options are priced by square foot and    available on any trailer.  Most of the time these options are a special order.  Also not visable is the insulated walls and ceiling, which is priced by the square foot.  Call for pricing on these options to any trailer you have in mind..



    Cabinets are available for all models too.  Overhead, floor and floor to ceiling.  Also shown is the alum countertops.  These can be done in multiple colors.  Even to match the exterior of your trailer. 





Heavier duty jacks are a great option.  Like this 7k lb Drop leg. 





 Bunks are also available.  Whether they be the double or the single.  Call for pricing.





We can also build custom generator boxes.  We can send your generator to the Mfg and they can design the box to fit your equipment and your needs.




The "Extreme" Package.  This package is an appearence package.  Gives the whole trailer a coat of silver paint on the steel in stead of the normal black.  Silver Radius (Up top the full length), Recessed Tail Lights w/ Back Up lights, Lighted Tag Holder, 4" Hitch on Single Axles, 6" Hitch on Tandems, Silver End Caps, Silver Mod Rims, ATP Corner Posts. Single Axle.


Many Different styles of windows are available. 


   Diamond Plate down sides. Polished Corner Posts.


  We do all types of Electrical Panels.  Anywhere from small units ( like source plugs)  to large 200 amp.  Custom to fit your needs.



  4' Fluorescent lights and A/C units as seen here in the 3 pics to the left.


  Reset Halogen lights.  Can be placed almost any where and can be run off a standard source plug. 



Entry Doors can be placed almost anywhere on the trailer.  They can be placed on the sides, back or front.  Centered or to one side.  


Checker Board Vinyl Flooring is a nice touch to any trailer.  Not only does it give a very professional look, but makes cleaning an ease.  Other colors are available.