Goosenecks, Drop Decks and Pintle Hitch Equipment Trailers


   In our gooseneck trailers, we have many different varieties.  Shown below are just a few of the ones currently in stock or ones we try to keep available.  If you don't see the specific combination of a trailer you are looking for, chances are we can get it.  All trailers on this page have a one year manufacture warranty! Comes with a title and a  bill of sale.

   We are a dealer and a Mfg for different equipment trailers. Lots of trailers available that are not shown, Some of the following have been sold and are pictures from file.  Call for pricing!


Tandem Axle Gooseneck Utilities ( 83" Wide Decks)

   Gooseneck utilities are a low style. The bed of the trailer is designed to set down inside or between the fenders. This gives a low center of gravity and allows for taller loads to be carried. The only downfall to these style are the 82" to 83" inside the fenders. For road use, 83" between fenders is the widest we can legally pull. We can build wider but will be made for "Off" road use only. Here is how the standard gooseck utlity is built.

   Built from 8" channel uprights and neck, 8" channel box frame when you order with or with out a rail.  3" C-channel cross members set on 18" centers.  1- 10k lb spring loaded drop leg jack, chain tray, treated floor, 100% primer and painted before the wood goes on. It has a 2 5/16" adjustable coupler, 7k lb dexter axles with all wheel brakes, slipper spring suspension, all cut in rubber mounted sealed beam lights, slide-in ramps (stand-up ramps $100.00 more), no Rail (Pipe top on 20' adds $100.00 more), dove tail or no dove. Give us a call for pricing. Here are a few pictures of the goosenecks we have or had in stock. Steel floors are also available.

Any combination of the pictures above can be applied together....rail with dove and stand-ups or no dove slide-ins. Just pick and choose the options that best fits your needs. Any lengths are available and 3 axles can be built. Will be adding new pictures as we can.


Easy Haul Car Haulers





   "New" 53' Wedge Car haulers, Many different styles and lengths available.  The one shown is a 4 Car hauler with front and rear extensions, 24 ratchets, 16 chains, spare tire rack, 2 - 10k lb. Dexter Axles with brakes on all hubs.  New 235 85 R16 -14Ply Tires, Tool Box, 6' Slide-Out Ramps, Ready for work, all they need is an Owner!!!! We do not have any in stock. All easy hual trailers are special orders. Call for availability. Most of the time the MFG has some built up and ready for shipment or pick-up.

Dove Tails or Flatbed Styles

There are 4 styles of Dove Tails.  All which will be shown in the next few pictures.  Please take a look and see which one would best fit your needs.


   First one shown is the flatbed. Full deck to the end. Typically they come standard with 8' Slide-out ramps that store under the trailer. Ground Clearence, the flatbed is the best. It gives the most distance from ground to lowest point on the rear of the trailer. Here a couple pictures of it.

   Next one shown here is what is called a combo dove tail. It gets the versitility of having both a flatbed and a dove tail all in one. Use the 2 standard fold over ramps, place steel on top side and put a pop-up style platform in between them both. This stlye is our most popular seller.

   The third being the standard fold over style as shown below.  This style uses two, spring assisted fold over ramps. This trailer is the most commonly used. The last 2 pics, the trailer that is white, shows the dozer dove tail with extra bracing and the double hinged ramps.



   The last being the Full Pop-up.  This style gives you the same versatility of the combo of having two different trailers.  One being a full flatbed or 2 being a dove tail with park - able space ( Meaning with the dove up or down you can park a vehicle on it).  The picture shows the dove with special built ramps. Normally with the full pop-up you get 2 - 5' slide-out ramps.  Fold it down and slide out the ramps for the dovetail use.  When the dove is down your ramps slide under the trailer allowing you to park on the steel part or the dove.  The other is when it is in its upright position.  Now you have a full flatbed. The pictures show the pop-up, but also a special ordered type of ramp.

The other pictures shown here are different types of dovetails that have been ordered or that we can do. Any questions on them give us a call.

Tandem Axle Goosenecks 102" Wide, tires under the bed. No fenders


    Our tandem axle goosenecks are all built out of I-beam main frame. You will see lots of Mfg's use channel necks or channel main frames. Ours is 12" x 14# I-beam main frame (US Steel), neck and uprights, 5" channel box frame, 3"channel cross members, single jack (standard, but we do use lots of double jack set-ups), treated floor, 100% primer and painted before wood goes on, stake pocket rub rail, all cut in lights, flatbeds, standard doves, combos or pop-ups. 2 5/16" adjustable coupler, chain tray, lots of screws in the floor to help prevent boards from curling and 1 year warranty. Following pictures are a few that are in stock.


Tandem Dual Goosenecks (102" wide beds)

     Road Boss Trailer Mfg built right here in Oklahoma.  One of the more structurally built trailers around. They are built with 5" C-channel box frame, 12" x 19# main frame, neck and uprights ( not c-channel like some), #1 grade treated floors, 3"  set on 18" centers, tool box in neck, spare tire rack (Spare not included), 10k lb. dexter oil bath axles, 235-80 R16 - heavy sidewall 10 ply radial tires, spring loaded ramps, dual spring loaded landing gear (10k Each), rub rail and stake pockets with a 1 Year MFG warranty.


    Next trailer is a heavy duty low pro.  It can be bought in a pintle hitch, like shown, or a gooseneck.  What we do is take the cross members and put them through the main frame instead of placing them on top of the main beams, low enough that the top of the wood is level with the main beams.  This way you gain approx 5" of height.  Plus we can put a low pro tire which will also gain you about an inch.  This style "Pierce Frame" or also called a "Low Pro" can be done for not much more money. Lowers your center of gravity and lowers your overall pulling height. Another option that can be done is a heavy duty. With the heavy duty we use an 8" C-channel box frame instead of the 5".  Couple pics of this trailer are listed too. When looking at these pictures notice the top of the main beams running visable on the floor. We also have to steel plate above the tire to increase the distance of travel for the tires.



The next couple pictures show the Top deck option. This can be put on any of the gooseneck special orders. Adds about $700.00



    Want a heavier duty suspension? Check out the Hutch suspension. Same thing normal seen on semi trailers. Where on a normal 10k lb axle, each spring for example rates for 5k lb. On the hutch each rates for 11,000 lbs. Will handle lots more abuse and last lots of time longer. Heres a few pictures to show it.


    Missing to many loads from not having an airride trailer, but dont want a semi trailer? Not a problem! We can do air ride on as small as 12k axles in a gooseneck, pintle hitch or a drop deck! Check out these pictures. Call for pricing.


Like to have better brakes? May we suggest the electric over hydraulic system. They are done in a drum not a disc ( disc generate to much heat ), fully self contained and runs off of a standard brake controller. Factory controllers do not operate these units though. The good thing about them is no more magnets. Longer lasting and a much better braking system. Not that grabbing you get from the magnets.


Do you need a rolling tail board? We do those too!


These last pictures are of some of the dropdecks we have done and can do. Most of the dropdecks are special orders because customers normally want some different than standard. So give us a call and let us get you a quote on anything special.